Poem: Always and Forever

This is a poem I wrote for a character of mine, Iain. The inspiration for this poem is his relationship with a man he considers his best friend. They were separated for two years by war and after they were reunited, each had physical and mental scars. They helped one another recover and their friendship developed into something new.


Always and Forever

From one end of the world to the other,
Stretches a line between me and my brother.
In the long dark sky, we see the same moon,
In the short, quiet dawn, we feel the same bloom.
Even apart, ever one.

Through blood and war came my brother,
Through trial and error came his lover.
Could one be the same, so far so close?
Could one be the other, the answer to hope?
As before, as now.

Together and it’s so perfect and new,
But old and comfortable and right, too.
Together, we look at the same moon,
Together, we feel the same bloom.
Best friends, always, to the end.

My rock, my heart, my soul.
Always warm. Never cold.
Time is gone, there is no time.
Always his, always mine.
Always and forever.