Building Forever is now available through Kindle Unlimited!


I’m super excited to have Building Forever in the Kindle Unlimited program because it means a lot more readers are going to meet Charlie and Simon and the goal of most authors is to have people read their books, so…

But, seriously, I love this book! As regular visitors to my blog know, it’s one of my favorites, from the first paragraph where we meet Charlie spluttering over a mouthful of Cheez-Its, to the very last, where Simon assures Charlie that they’re ready for what comes next.

Building Forever is everything I love about contemporary romance: Ordinary people doing fairly mundane things and falling love along the way. But life is never just ordinary, and so this story takes the characters on a journey that made me laugh and cry.

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Building Forever is also available for purchase at Amazon, in either ebook or print formats, while it’s enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. After the enrollment ends, the book will again be available through other retailers.

I will also be leaving all of my former Dreamspinner titles enrolled in KU through the holidays for readers who’d like to check out more of my books.

Best in Show
Block and Strike
Counting Fence Posts
Counting Down
Counting on You
Out in the Blue
When Was the Last Time

Plus one more:

Wrong Direction

Brian’s Story

Brian’s story began two and a half years ago when I realized I’d been naming all the cheating exes of my characters “Brian.”

Poor Brian

I didn’t know then that Building Forever would become a series. I simply wanted to tell Charlie’s story. But Simon came equipped with a best friend and a dastardly ex, so when one of my first round readers asked for Frank’s story, I began to wonder if Brian might have a story too.

Obviously, he did. Everyone has a story tucked back there somewhere. I wasn’t sure I could do Brian justice, though. Redemption stories are difficult to do well and I wanted not only to give Brian a good story but for my readers to fall in love with him—or at least forgive him. That meant figuring out why. Why he couldn’t commit. Why he was having so much trouble settling down.

One of the most interesting things you can do as a writer is to take a secondary character from one book and give them a book of their own. I put a lot of effort into making my secondary characters feel real and I get a lot of lovely compliments about them! Turning them into a lead requires a fair amount of work, though. You have to retain the personality traits that make them such a good support character in the first book and meld them with who this person turns out to be.

In Frank’s case, this meant that the party boy persona he presents in Building Forever turns out to be something of a cover. I actually loved this, because it gave Frank as a man a much deeper texture. I don’t really talk about his sexual identity in Renewing Forever, other than confirm the fact he is gay. But when I sketched out his life, his love-life in particular, no relationships popped up. And he’d only had a very small number of “affairs,” Simon being the most significant. Surely having his heart broken at nineteen didn’t ruin his life?

It did and it didn’t. Frank never quite got over Tom, but not because Tom is his one and only (even though he is). Frank is demisexual. He loves to flirt and he loves to make others feel good but has to really care for someone before he wants to go there. When you consider his story with this information, a whole lot more about him makes sense.

So when I considered Brian as a lead character, I knew I had to come up with a good reason for his serial non-monogamy. My readers would need to know why he couldn’t commit. I sketched out and rejected a lot of reasons before eventually deciding that like Frank, Brian’s “course” had been diverted at a very young age. But again, I don’t outright state that what happened to Brian when he was fourteen is the root cause of his inability to commit. I hint at it, and his secret is definitely a source of angst and pain for him. It’s also something he’s never shared, which is one good reason why his relationship with Simon failed.

But I also hold Simon up to a little more scrutiny and suggest that maybe he wasn’t able to give Brian what Brian was looking for. This is partly Brian’s fault. He is unable to be “wholly Brian” with Simon—for reasons that may never be clear. But it’s also Simon’s fault for holding on to something that wasn’t a good fit—because it was comfortable enough. For not realizing that he also needed more.

Relationships are hard work, even when they’re good, and one of the themes of this series has been second chances. These stories are about men who have loved and lost and think that’s it, they’re done. So when they do fall for someone else, they have half a lifetime’s worth of experience—and hurt, and joy—to offer, which changes the stakes. Brian’s story is at once the most dramatic of the three in this series, but also in a way the easiest. His happy ever after is mostly a matter of finally finding the right guy—but to keep that guy, he needs to make the right moves. He also needs to finally, at long last, be himself.

I loved writing this book. I loved getting to know Brian and seeing him happy at last. I also enjoyed introducing him to Mal, who gives perhaps the greatest speech I’ve ever written in the epilogue of any book. Mal talks about living out loud, and his message is one that resonates through Chasing Forever, the entire series, and perhaps all of my contemporary novels.

So it’s my hope that readers will not only forgive Brian but rejoice in his happiness—and the happy ever afters I’ve given to all of the characters in this series. ❤


Chasing Forever

ChasingForever_500x750Malcolm Montgomery was a history teacher and track coach until an accident left him with two broken legs. He’ll recover, but life has knocked his feet out twice now. He’s not sure if he’s ready to try again, especially when it comes to love—and slick guys like Brian Kenway. Still, he needs help mentoring the school’s LGBTQ society, so he asks Brian to take some responsibility.

Brian has been hiding behind his reputation as a liar and a cheat for so long that he actually believes he’s that guy—until his nephew, Josh, turns up on his couch, tossed out for being gay. Brian has never considered being a father, but he knows all about being rejected by loved ones. Now Brian wants to be more: a partner for Mal and a role model for Josh.

But when Mal’s recovery is set back and the sad truth of Brian’s past is revealed, the forever they’ve been chasing seems even further from their grasps. It’ll take a rescue effort to revive their sense of worth and make Brian, Mal, and Josh into a family of their own.

Coming December 10, 2018
Preorder at Riptide Publishing


It’s Release Day for To See the Sun!

Gael, Aavi, and Bram enjoying an Alkirak sunrise. Artist: SelkieMarie

Normally, in the lead up to release day, I pretty much want to pack my bags and run away. I make plans to ignore the internet and tell myself I don’t care what people think of my book. To See the Sun is different. I’ve actually had trouble containing my excitement over this release! I love this book, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to share it with everyone.

The idea for To See the Sun came to me while I was reading a Harlequin historical about a mail-order bride. I loved the pioneering setting, I loved the trope, and I knew that putting my own spin on it—having a mail-order groom—would require some colouring outside the lines. So I turned to space, fiddled with a plot, and sat down to write.


More than almost anything else I’ve written, this book is for me. It has:

  • Swoon-worthy romance
  • A story of overcoming the odds
  • Sweet characters
  • Family
  • Cool gadgets!

I also wanted the science fiction setting to mean something—to be an integral part of the story.

Read the first three chapters of To See the Sun!


Follow the Tour!

As always, I’m doing a virtual book tour and this one has dozens of stops! Because I was so excited about this book, I went all out. Dozens of stops also means multiple giveaways, including gift cards, ebooks from my backlist, signed paperbacks of the Chaos Station stories, and a bracelet representing the colors of Alkirak. Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to participate. All of my giveaways are open internationally.

Because listing all the tour stops would make this post very, very long, I’m only going to link a couple from today and let you follow on from there. I’ll be sharing future stops on social media, links to which are at the bottom of the page.

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It’s Release Day for Counting on You!

If I had to choose a favourite book in the Counting series, it would probably be Counting Fence Posts because Henry was a character I really wanted to write. His story spoke to me in so many ways: the quirky habit of counting things, his long-held crush for co-worker Marc, why he’d been avoiding a serious relationship since college, and his ambition. As I got to know his family, I came to adore them too.

A couple is made up of two characters, though, and it didn’t take Marc long to become more than a source of conflict for Henry. He not only got his own book (Counting Down), but demanded a happy ever after – which is a good thing, as Henry might not have gone there on his own.

And so we have Counting on You, which was such a joy to write! I loved getting to know these two and enjoyed setting them up for a happy ever after.

COUNTING ON YOU is available now at all retailers!
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I’m bringing aliens to New York!

They land June 22, 2017 as part of the first Gay Romance Kindle World!

The world is set around Felice Stevens’ Memories of the Heart and Breakfast Club series. As an enthusiastic fan of both, I was delighted to be asked to participate, especially when Felice indicated she’d love to see me write something with a science fiction element. After jumping up and down a little (I actually do this) I told her I was gonna bring aliens to New York.

I’m sure she regretted asking me at that point.

I parked my butt in front of the laptop and wrote Uncommon Ground. Continue reading “I’m bringing aliens to New York!”